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General Questions

Paytoshi is a reliable Bitcoin micropayment wallet system. It allows users to cache Bitcoin micropayments and to receive them with very low transaction fees once balance reach a given threshold.

Paytoshi put its focus on users that need micropayments. A user may deposit a sum of Bitcoin and then deliver micropayments to other users. Deposits are free: You deposit, you own.

A standard Bitcoin transaction has a minimum fee of 0.001 (or 10000 satoshis). This kind of cost is unbearable for transaction in the order of hundreds or thousands of satoshis. Paytoshi batches a lot of transactions together thus reducing the fee, sharing it out with all the receivers of the payments. Thanks to this process the transaction fees are only a fraction of the standard due.

We are an italian registered software development company. We focus mainly on web applications, mobile apps and embedded systems. We have a background in computer science research and network security.

Bitcoin Faucets

A faucet is a site where you can earn free bitcoins in exchange for advertising exposure or for completing small tasks. Faucets are a way for newcomers to get the feeling of earning, moving and spending bitcoins for free, even if in small amounts, so that they can try the system and, hopefully, get more involved with it. Faucet users gain small quantities of satoshi, faucet owners may benefit from ad income if the faucet is successful.

Simply put: faucets work thanks to micropayments, Paytoshi handles micropayments. While Paytoshi has a greater scope than just faucets, it is a perfect match for their needs.

It depends. Faucet may generate income from many sources (mainly advertising), but they are not always profitable. They have fixed costs: hosting, Bitcoin supply, taxes. It is up to the owner to set sustainable payouts. Faucet profits, and therefore their survival, are strictly bound to the number of daily visits that they are able to attract.

Paytoshi offers all you need to start a Bitcoin faucet. You register an account, download and install the faucet script, generate an API key and you are ready to start with your own faucet. You can download our faucet script here.
In addition, Paytoshi provides a list of all the faucets that are registered on the system so you will benefit from the additional source of daily users.

  • Bitcoin deposits are automatically credited. No threshold: deposit as much as you want.
  • Getting started is fast: get an account and register your faucet. The apikey for it is generated by a fully automated process.
  • Paytoshi supports multiple faucets with the same account.
  • Detailed stats for every faucet you own.
  • Automatic listing in Paytoshi's faucet list.
  • High-quality faucet script.


Once you have a registered account, log in and you'll see the deposit address where you can send your funds. After 2 confirmations your balance will be updated to reflect the deposit. You can deposit as much as you want.


When the balance due to your BTC address is above your withdrawal threshold you should expect your money in the next three days. We usually pay every 48h/72h.

You can set your preferred payment threshold (minimum 6000 satoshi, maximum 100000000 satoshi) in the "settings" section of your address balance page.

Privacy & Security

Paytoshi does not collect any personal data, nor it does share anything with any third party. It only saves email addresses as a mean to identify and authenticate registered users. At the moment it does not send any email nor any notification.

Paytoshi leverages CloudFlare's services to mitigate network threats (like DDoS) and for a cheap SSL service.

Paytoshi is hosted on a dedicated server with many layers of security in place. The Bitcoin wallet for payments is encrypted on disk and the password stored offline and used only for payments.